St Luke's Episcopal Church

La Union, New Mexico

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Our vestry is made up of leaders from our congregation.  

The vestry includes:

1. Pete Herrera (Senior Warden)

2. Connie Vincent (Secretary)

3. Bridget Griggs (Vestry Member)

4. Rick Montes (Vestry Member)

5. Lisa Herrera (Vestry Member)

6. Linda Larbi-Cherif (Vestry Member)

7. Libby Pairis (Vestry Member)

8. Jackie Lundby (Non-Voting Vestry Member)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for the good of the church please contact Pete Herrera (Senior Warden) at St. Luke's Vestry Member meetings are open to all church members. Vestry Member meetings are held every 3rd Monday of every month.